Virtual Event Production for Businesses, Conferences, Trade Shows and Hybrid Events

Companies that produce event conferences, trade shows, festivals, sales meetings and other annual events are turning to virtual events for a more cost-effective and efficient way to reach their audiences globally. When it’s time to create your event, choose a seasoned virtual event team that can incorporate the engaging elements and take the reins, all the while making your job simple.

Interactive Features / Virtual Event Production Elements

Virtual events are similar to live events, but use digital elements, live webcasting and engagement to supplement in-person interaction. The event experience can be produced to feel like broadcast television, having interactive experiences that immerse and engage your virtual audience.

Below are features of our Webcasting and Virtual Events platform that facilitate engagement and creates impact for your attendees and presenters.

Moderated Q&A – Attendee questions are submitted via your custom Virtual Event webpage and asked live by a moderator to presenters.

Social Media Integration – Promoting an event #hashtag? Integrate the entire stream of audience activity directly into your Virtual Event environment.

Polling – Audience members can vote and submit answers to moderated questions – the results and stats can be presented in real-time to the virtual audience and hosts.

Live Chat – Provides instant engagement, allows a communication channel for your attendees, and gets your audience personally involved in the conversation. Chat room moderation is also available to keep attendee dialogue flowing.

Break Out Rooms – Several virtual rooms that can fit hundreds of people simultaneously can be created. Each virtual ‘break out’ room can be assigned a Host to moderate and instruct the room on a topic, discussion, or lesson.

Entertainment & Games – Incorporating entertainment and fun activities in your Virtual Event is a proven way to keep your attendees engaged and excited throughout the event. Some past virtual activities and games include escape rooms, scavenger hunts, trivia, gaming sessions, new skill workshops, or a fun activity like card games.

virtual event production features

The above features illustrate what’s possible through our virtual event platform. Through collaboration, your dedicated producer will learn your needs and leverage the above platform features to create an impactful virtual event experience for your attendees and company.

Virtual Event Production Services

Our virtual events are customized to your needs, but the suite of available services are outlined and explained below:

Live Event Production – Our production and streaming services produce network television quality virtual events. Your event attendees will experience a program that switches between single speaker shots, picture-in-picture, or multi-presenter panels, while incorporating custom graphics and animations.

Some of our virtual production services include:

  • Technical Crew: Camera Operators, Streaming Video Engineer, Audio Engineer, and Graphics Technician
  • Technical rehearsals with the hosts and speakers prior to broadcast
  • Virtual “Waiting Room” for speakers prior to going live; hosts and keynote speakers can check camera and speak with other presenters
  • Live switching with custom graphics and formatted content, real-time video support, and cameras that simulate an in-person general session
  • Logos and custom graphics displayed behind speakers (ideal sponsorship opportunities)
virtual event production services

Virtual Event Risk Management – Our virtual event producers work in partnership with your team to eliminate issues, concerns, and anxiety surrounding executing your online event. Outlined below are some aspects and elements that we prepare, preview, and practice prior to broadcasting your live event.

  • Build out and customize the interactive platform and event program experience
  • Perform talent management and training for the virtual environment
  • Technical rehearsals to test broadcast quality (streaming signal, internet connection, audio transmission, lighting, etc.) with all on-screen participants prior to live production
  • Creating back-up plan fail-safes

During production rehearsal we get ahead of potential risks and assign our point-person if any difficulties arise.

Event Production Efficiency – While the technical setup and execution is consistent, event production coordinators know that conferences, trade shows, and other virtual events have unique formats, timelines, and requirements.

Because the necessary equipment and technology to execute a virtual event is used repeatedly, our production team constructed and has a reliable process for creating captivating events of all sizes.

In consideration, our producers have a framework for each event type that through close collaboration is customized to your specifications, enabling a predictable and flawless event.

Leverage Our Expertise to Ensure a Successful Event

Creating a fully produced virtual event isn’t as simple as streaming your in-person event online. For virtual events to be successful, content and its delivery must be engaging, a schedule should exist, and budgets adhered to.

At WVE, everything from pre-production through day-of execution is managed, and our producers and team of technicians stand ready to make your virtual event a success.

We are not only a production company, but the best of both worlds, combining seasoned corporate event planners with producers and engineers that have a background in broadcast television and live event production.

We understand you are faced with a new dynamic of working and managing your team and Company remotely; rest assured, in working with us you’ll have a dedicated team with 25 combined years of virtual event experience that will eliminate your anxiety, and provide you the peace of mind to delegate responsibility and focus on your highest priorities.

producer for virtual event production

Your Virtual Event Producer Must Know This

Great companies solve problems that they understand deeply, and it is our intention to combine this philosophy, know your goals, intentions, and the results you expect.

Knowing the purpose and desired result of your event enables our event producer to determine the timeline, technology, and team members necessary to bring your vision to life.

The questions that a virtual event producer will want your answers to are:


Why are you doing this event?


What are the goal(s), purpose and vision?


How will your brand and the attendees benefit?

Tip: Having a clear idea of what you want the attendees to experience is necessary for developing a blueprint for the keynotes, panels, breakout sessions and other virtual event experiences.

To effectively realize your goals, we learn and understand your “why”, then initiate a collaborative partnership to accomplish them.

The Producer’s Role and Responsibilities

You will be assigned a dedicated event producer, and as the project manager, they will plan, advise, oversee, and perfect your event experience.

Event producers understand each component of an event, the technical processes, and everything related to the virtual event software, platform and equipment. Their experience, technical knowledge, and creativity makes them invaluable to the success of your virtual event.

Virtual Event Producer: Pre-Production Services & Management

Prior to the event there are a host of responsibilities that your project manager will plan and manage. Here are a few of the tasks:

  • Build and adapt production timelines and event schedule
  • Coordinate virtual event platform design and build (learn more about the different platform packages and virtual event software)
  • Oversee creation of the overall event theme, graphics, and creative process
  • Coordinate stream logistics, audiovisual, and equipment management
  • Produce Speaker and Talent (hosts, moderators, etc.) schedules
  • Develop and adhere to project budgets

Virtual Event Producer: Day-Of the Event

Great pre-production management and planning help make the day-of the event run smoothly. These are a handful of the responsibilities managed by your dedicated production team:

  • Be the point-of-contact for speakers, partners, staff, and other vendors that fall within our purview
  • Run pre-stream planning meetings with all remote teams
  • Stage management for program elements within the main event location
  • Oversee production logistics, including tech rehearsals and broadcast execution. Learn ways to mitigate tech risks.
  • Manage all late changes to show content, ensuring scripts and assets are up-to-date

The WVE team is your event partner that removes responsibility from your plate, helps problem solve, and delivers a successful brand-enhancing virtual event experience!

Creating a Successful Virtual Event

Right now, there’s a huge opportunity for brands to engage audiences better than ever before. To do this well, you need a strategic partner with a history of producing everything from live broadcasts to complex digital events.

The feeling and energy that’s present in a live audience event is something special. The awareness of this compels our company to create stimulating virtual event and conference experiences that are engaging and entertaining.

We believe memorable and impactful virtual events require:


  1. A highly engaging experience for the audience and presenters
  2. Opportunities for attendees to make meaningful connections
  3. Personalized touches that make the audience active participants
successful virtual event production and webcast

Successful virtual events must have purpose, and involve much more than just live-streaming content. For example, the event must be thoughtfully planned out to enable repurposing the content and leveraging its use to create value beyond the live virtual event.

Once you engage our team, you will be relieved to focus on other priorities, while we take responsibility for the strategy, design, analytics, technical expertise, and flawless, behind the scene, execution.

Producing an impressive event while eliminating stress and responsibility is our intention, and delivering on this promise is what makes working with WVE priceless. Allow our team to craft and enhance the next virtual event experience for you, your attendees, and presenters!

We handle planning, know the best technology, and how to engage your audience. Let’s build your virtual event!

We know the ingredients for a flawless virtual event. There are a few critical factors we look forward to sharing, and anticipate helping transition your event online without interruption or headache. Simply communicate your requirements, questions, and let us do the rest.


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