Prevent holding a boring and unprofitable virtual fundraising event. Knowing what ideas to use during your virtual fundraising event will help you reach your financial goals much easier and faster.

Virtual fundraising can include many interactive virtual activities gathered the following information, ideas, and tips about holding a successful virtual fundraising event.

What Is a Virtual Fundraising Event?

Virtual fundraising includes any type of nonprofit campaign or event taking place partially or entirely online, allowing followers, members, contributors, and supporters to engage with your event from anywhere.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual engagements became the new normal and now, as the world returns to a new sense of “normal,” many supporters and potential donors are still uncomfortable gathering for in-person events. Consider the following inclusive virtual fundraising event ideas for your cause:

1 – Virtual Behind-The-Scenes Tour

A virtual behind-the-scenes tour allows your supporters the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the operations of your organization. Let your supporters into the break room, conference room, office, or allow them to see your people in action in the field. That way, donors can put faces on your organization.

The tour can be conducted using a live-streaming service or a pre-recorded video posted to your company’s webpage.

Tip: Platforms like Mobilize conveniently combine registration, zoom video conferencing, and communication reminders into one system, which drastically simplifies event management, facilitating your virtual event.

2 – Virtual Game Night

Virtual game nights can be a fun way to engage with others and raise money for your cause. Whether organizing one independently or consulting with a third party, online tools like Google Hangout and Zoom make it easy to host such an event.

Some popular games that can be played include:

  • Bingo
  • Trivia
  • UNO
  • Scrabble
  • Yahtzee
  • Scattegories

These and a variety of other card, dice, board, and trivia games that you can organize. With respect to raising funds, participants can be asked to pay an admission fee and earn all access to a night of fun with supporters from across the globe.

3 – Online Raffle Drawing

Hosting an online raffle is a splendid way to raise funds for your organization while giving your participants an opportunity to enter to win a variety of prizes. Platforms geared towards nonprofit organizations, like Eventgroove, Rallyup, and Chance2win offer free and paid online raffle services, allowing you to host an online raffle contest how you see fit.

4 – Online Charity Auction

Virtual fundraising can include online auctions

Charity auctions can be mutually beneficial for organizations and participants. Organizations receive donations for their mission, and bidding participants receive prizes or services for their winning contributions. The following are examples of items and services potentially offered by organizations;

  • Merchandise (swag) packages
  • Gift cards
  • Movie tickets
  • Vacation packages
  • Ballpark or stadium seats for the game
  • Spa treatment
  • Wine baskets
  • Free consultations

Online platforms like eBay or BiddingOwl can help you manage the planning and hosting of your next online charity auction.

Note: Depending on your donors and volume of bids, auction items can include higher-priced items like vehicles or even homes.

5 – Virtual Concert or Standup Show

Live music, comedy, and entertainment can still happen in a virtual setting. If your organization would typically have live entertainment, you can continue hosting such events at a similar caliber with the “magic” of live-streaming platforms on social media or video conferencing services.

Determine what kind of live entertainment you want to feature at your event, then hire the performers. Post your event on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, FaceBook, and Mobilize for promotion and call-to-actions for registration and potential fundraising.

6 – Virtual Gala

A virtual gala or party is a fun way to engage and celebrate with associates, partners, supporters, volunteers, donors, and employees, all while raising funds. When hosting this type of event, it is crucial to create a clear and concise action plan that aligns with the event’s intent. This keeps participants fully aware and engaged throughout the event.

The event can include fundraising activities like raffles or auctions, where participants contribute funds for a chance to win. This can also be an opportunity to virtually celebrate a company milestone, employee achievements, a successful fiscal year, or any notable event worthy of being celebrated.

7 – Virtual Class

Find someone with the knowledge base or skill they could offer as a class. Or recruit an industry professional to host a virtual class. Set the class up as a private event and charge admission. With the right teacher leading the class, it can be very successful and engaging. Such classes have been a huge hit over the past couple of years (pre, during, and post-pandemic). Some virtual class ideas include:

  • Painting or drawing
  • Terrariums
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Finance
  • Investing
  • Retirement planning
  • Self-help
  • Fitness trainer

Such classes can be marketed as a series or ongoing experience, enticing attendees to return for more advanced information.

8 – Online Contests

Virtual fundraising can include online talent contests

Online contests are typically fun, easy, and highly interactive. Participants will make a donation to enter, and then people are invited or requested to make a donation when they vote. Consider the following ideas:

Talent Contest – Perfect for an arts or theater organization. You can have your organization’s own version of “The Voice” or “America’s Got Talent” and invite the audience to vote for the winner.
Photography Contest – Ask participants to share their most intriguing nature, pet, family, bird, flower, or food photo.
Costume Contest – Challenge supporters to dress up like their favorite literary hero, superhero, or character from their favorite movie or TV series.

Note: Such contests can include practically any measurable (votable) activity in which viewers determine the beauty, quality, or merit of what was presented or created.

Virtual Fundraising Events

In this article, you discovered ideas and tips on orchestrating a successful fundraising event and the variety of activities you can use to engage your audience.

Knowing how to include diverse, fun, and enticing aspects in your fundraising event will help you increase revenue and meet your fundraising objectives.

Allowing boring or slow-moving activities into your fundraising events can result in lower donations and be seen as a waste of time by attendees.